Interview with Bethan Pulla

The Niagara Raiders have partnered with the Brock University Masters of Professional Kinesiology Program. Our Staff at the Raiders got together with Masters candidate Bethan Pulla to find out more about her and what she hopes to bring to the Positional Evaluation Camp and the Raiders as a whole.

Where is your Hometown?

Toronto, ON

Where did you complete your undergraduate degree?

I attained an Honours BSc Kinesiology from McMaster University.

Why did you choose Brock University for your graduate education?

The new Masters of Professional Kinesiology program at Brock was an excellent opportunity to expand my professional experience. With Brock’s focus on experiential education and several partnerships with community organizations, such as the Niagara Raiders, the institution was an ideal location to complete a professional degree.

Why did you choose to study Kinesiology?

Having grown up in competitive sport, I developed an interest in human movement and enhancing athletic performance, as well as in exercise science. Kinesiology allowed me to explore those areas of study and develop a stronger passion for assisting others in achieving performance goals.

What do you hope to bring to the Niagara Raiders?

I hope to help the Raiders develop as a team and grow as athletes. The aim of movement analyses will be to enhance strengths along with providing players with the awareness of areas where they can improve, therefore enhancing overall performance on the field.


I have competed on the Canadian National synchronized skating team. I also coach and teach children and recreational skaters.

Positional Evaluation Camp will continue every Tuesday until the beginning of July at the Raiders practice facility in Virgil.

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