Niagara Raiders Welcome Two Former PCI Athletes

Niagara Raiders Welcome Two Former PCI Athletes

Former PCI Players Sign In CJFL

A pair of local football players are heading to Ontario this summer as they have been invited to join the Niagara Raiders of the Canadian Junior Football League. Eric McCutcheon and Shawn McMillan played for the PCI Trojans high school football team this past year. McCutcheon spoke about how he found out about the opportunity.

“(Coach Burrell) brought Coach Anderson from the Raiders to the school,” says McCutcheon. “That’s the first time I met Coach Anderson, we’ve been e-mailing a bit and a couple of phone calls but it’s really thanks to Coach Burrell that I ever even got in contact with Coach Anderson.”

The Niagara Raiders play in the same league as the nearby Winnipeg Rifles. McCutcheon was excited to find out he was going to lace up the cleats for at least one more season.

“It was awesome when Coach Anderson told me I could come play with them,” notes McCutcheon. “I was super excited to have another chance to play because there was a while where I had no idea if I was ever going to touch the field again. It’s a big relief to know that I’ll be able to continue playing football.”

He also told us about where he will fit into the Raiders’ depth chart.

“They’re looking at linebacker for me, most likely outside linebacker,” says McCutcheon. “They also said the have lots of new people so it will kind of depend on how I will play in their system when I get out to the camp.”

McMillan and McCutcheon will start training camp on July 3rd.

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