OFA Registration

All players must register with the Ontario Football Alliance before they are able to set foot on the playing field. Registration starts on June 1st and the fee is $54 per player. This covers player insurance and is mandatory for ALL players. Registration is now active and working as intended.

The process has changed slightly from last yer. Please see below for a breakdown of the steps to registering.

Step 0

First, click here and then click the box that says Player Registration 2019. (Or you can just click the box below.)

Step 1

Complete your Personal Information. If you are a returning player you will need your Access Code. If you don’t remember it, just click What’s My Access Code? at the bottom of the form. You will then fill in your name and Date of Birth and the system will email you the code. If you are a new player, scroll down.

New Players need to fill out more information. Make sure you select OFA – Niagara Raiders (OFC Junior) for Association, Fall Season, and Tackle for Discipline. You must also click on Parent/Emergency Contact and fill that in to continue.

Step 2

Select Tackle.

Step 3

Review your registration information and scroll down to read all the Consent material. At the bottom click the final check box (“By typing/printing your name as a participant below…”) then click Save and Proceed to Step 4.

Step 5

Submit your payment.

Please write down your player number and print your receipt. This will make things easier for our registration staff. If you haven’t completed your CCES Online Course or your Privit Registration, please do so immediately. If it is after June 1st, you should also complete the CJFL Registration if you have not already done so.

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