Privit Registration

The CJFL has approved Privit as the new electronic system for collecting personal health information to assist trainers and medical personnel. It provides players with a current electronic file of their medical history all in one place should they need it as well as health related educational information. Privit is compliant with international privacy rules and uses military-grade encryption to keep your personal health information safe and secure.

Click here to access the Privit Login and Registration page. If this is your first time visiting the site, click Register. See further instructions below.

The only sections you need to complete are: Joined Teams, Personal Details, CJFL Code of Conduct, and Concussion Education & Policies. Click each section and complete the necessary information/signatures as needed. Your CJFL team will complete the rest.

Thank you for completing your Privit Registration! Don’t forget to complete your CCES Course ASAP. After June 1st, 2019 you can do your CJFL Registration and OFA Registration (insurance fee payable).

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