Prospective Players

Player Fees

2016 Players Fees for the Niagara Regional Raiders total $600. This includes:

An intial fee of $200, paid upon registration. This fee includes the Raiders ‘swag’ package (hoodie, hat, two practice t-shirts, shorts). Non-refundable

A remaining of $400 that must be paid before the start of training camp.

Players interested in paying the full $600 upon registration are welcome to do so.


If interested in playing for the Raiders this season, follow our three step process:


Register with Football Canada. (Covers player insurance and is mandatory for ALL players)

The registration fee will be $36 per player.

Click HERE and follow the steps to sign up with Football Canada. Make sure you write down your player number, as it is the team’s main way to identify you with the Ontario Football Conference.


Register with the Raiders for the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL). 

Click HERE and follow the steps to sign up with the CJFL.


Enroll with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. Our enrollment key is NiaRR2016 and Password is Q2YB3sfd .

Click HERE to go to CCES. Please remember to write down your CCES number


After signing up with Football Canada and the CJFL, fill out the Raiders player form HERE and someone from the team will be in contact with you.


Following submission of your player form, you will be redirected to a PayPal Screen. Use your PayPal account to sign up with the Raiders.