Raiders Player Profile – Isaac Beek

Raiders Player Profile – Isaac Beek

by Justin Gravestock

Raiders Marketing Coordinator

The Niagara Raiders are proud to announce their Raiders Player Profile! I had the opportunity to interview wide receiver and special teams contributor Isaac Beek. Here is our discussion. 

What brought you to the Niagara Raiders?

My Head Coach from Sir Winston Churchill (St. Catharines) had told a few players that he was helping coach a CJFL team and wanted some of us to join, unfortunately the others weren’t interested, but I was. I spoke to Coach Peter Perron about it after our championship season and he gave me Head Coach Brad Anderson’s card. I gave him a call and he said I could come out and play for them if I liked so of course I did.

Tell me about your first season with the organization.

I’ve only played one season with the Niagara Raiders so far but I plan to keep playing with this team until either I get scouted or I can no longer play for them. It was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life and I can’t wait for the upcoming season to start.

What does your offseason regimen consist of?

Mainly just touch football because I don’t yet have a gym membership. I workout at home when I can and play indoor touch football on Saturdays.

Last season, you were recognized as a CJFL Special Teams Player of the Week. Tell me about that experience. 

I was really shocked honestly when I made Player of the Week! As a rookie, one of my biggest goals was to make a good mark in the league as soon as possible and thanks to our great Special Teams coaches & players, they helped me achieve something I didn’t think was possible. I was more then honoured when I was given a Special Teams Player of the Week award!

Favourite football player all time?

I would have to say that my favourite football player of all time would have to be Odell Beckham Jr. The man has great agility, amazing catching skills, insane speed coming off the snap getting down field and avoiding tackles, and apart from his attitude on the field sometimes he’s just all around a fantastic player. Definitely a role model for those hoping to be the best receivers they possibly can!

Who is the GOAT?

100% Carson Wentz is the GOAT! The guy is literally the New Age Michael Vick. He’s big, he’s fast, great in the pocket & outside the pocket if he has to be, & amazing at staying on his feet & breaking free when the whole D-Line has collapsed on him!

What are your expectations for the 2018 season?

Expectations are definitely to grow stronger as a team & work on team growth on and off the field, & just hope for the best this season. We have a lot of new talent coming on board so looking to leave a mark this season for sure.

Any long-term goals in professional football?

Ever since elementary school I’ve wanted to play professional football, so when I got into high school I joined the Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs & now I’m playing in the CJFL. My goal now is to make it to the CFL & hopefully one day the NFL. That’s been my dream for a very long time & I’ll do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality!

We look forward to sharing more experiences of YOUR Niagara Raiders! #RaidersNation

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