Raiders Player Profile – Matthew Christie

Raiders Player Profile – Matthew Christie

by Justin Gravestock

Raiders Marketing Coordinator

Welcome back to another Niagara Raiders Player Profile! This time, I had the opportunity to chat with rookie running back Matthew Christie to look ahead to his first CJFL season.

As a rookie, what encouraged you to join the Niagara Raiders this year?

Being able to play at the next level of football, while being able to stay around my friends and loved ones was probably the biggest encouragement for joining the Raiders. 

Tell me about your high school football experience.

Playing Thorold Golden Eagles football was probably one of the best experiences of my life honestly. Some of my best friendships were born from playing a sport you have in common with someone, and I will never forget the coaches on the team who pushed me to be the player that I am now.

Who were the role models that inspired you to play football?

I would have to say my older brother. Like myself, he also grew up playing football and he has always been sort of a motivational factor for me. He found his success with the sport, so now its my turn.

What do you feel are your greatest strengths at the running back position?

My greatest strengths at my position would have to be excelling at power running. There is no better feeling then barreling through holes to pick up crucial first downs. I would also have to say being able to pick up blocks and blitzes is key to my strengths. I am a reliable power-back styled runner and lead blocker for my team.

How are you preparing in the offseason for your first CJFL season?

Putting in work in the weight room and on the field. Footballs all about who works the hardest on and off the field. Right now im working my hardest off the field so I can do my best work on the field.

What are your goals for this 2018 Raiders campaign?

Personally, I want to make the top fifty list of players in this conference, but as a team, I wanna help form a bond with players and help the team grow stronger together.

Who is the greatest running back of all time?

It’s actually hard to answer that but if I had to choose I would have to go for my idol, Marshawn Lynch. He’s a player you can rely on for hard first downs, and if he spots any opportunity for a big gain, you know he’ll take it. I try to model my game like his.

What are your long-term aspirations in pro football?

It is pretty hard to say right now. If I ever come across a chance to play in the CFL when I am eligible, it would be an amazing opportunity that I would highly consider taking up.

Thanks once again for reading about another one of YOUR Niagara Raiders! We strive to be always players-focused first as we continue our countdown to the 2018 season. #RaidersNation


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