Raiders Player Profile – Weston Hilchey

Raiders Player Profile – Weston Hilchey

by Justin Gravestock

Raiders Marketing Coordinator

It is always a pleasure to introduce another Raiders Player Profile! This article features right tackle Weston Hilchey who will be playing his second CJFL season with the Niagara Raiders.

How have you balanced attending Brock University, and playing Raiders football?

It has not been an easy task as school and football would often overlap. A decision had to be made as to whether to miss a few classes or practice. Luckily, I had friends in my courses who could send me the notes for classes that I missed. 

What are your goals for the 2018 season?

My goals for the 2018 season are to do whatever I can to help the team win and be successful. I will look to improve on my individual aspects of the game from last year, in order to help myself compete on the field.

Which skills will you look to develop from year one to year two in the CJFL?

Timing and power are skills that I would like to develop for this year. Getting off the ball faster with more strength and power, to ensure that I am accurately, and effectively, able to make my blocks. As well, my run blocking was an aspect that struggled last year, and is a crucial aspect to be able to effectively make plays on the field.

Who inspired you to play football?

I can’t specifically think of one person who inspired me to play football. It was always a sport that I wanted to play. From touch football in elementary school to actually stepping onto the field in high school, it was just always something I had wanted to do.

What does your offseason workout program consist of?

I felt that I lacked upper body strength last season and have made it a goal of mine to become stronger for this season. I have made it a goal to be in the gym six times a week over the offseason, focusing on both strength and cardio, to ensure that I am in the best possible shape for the upcoming season.

Do you consider yourself versatile along the offensive line?

I would consider myself a versatile offensive lineman. I have played every position along the line except for centre at some point in my football career. I feel that I am smaller than your ideal lineman type, however, I feel that I can make that up with speed and athleticism.

Who is the best offensive lineman in the NFL today?

Eagles left tackle Jason Peters. He dominates with a mix of power and agility. He used to be a former tight end which gives him an additional amount of athletic ability. 

What are your long-term goals in pro football?

I don’t really have any individual long-term goals for pro football per se. It has never been a goal of mine to make it to the next level, although I would not turn down the chance if it came. It would be great to see this team have a good run at the playoffs and to get to be a part of it. In all honesty, I just enjoy being on the field getting to experience the game with the guys around me.

Thank you #RaiderNation for continuing to enjoy these Player Profiles. There will be a new feature to come as the 2018 season looms ever closer.

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